Back In Black: AC/DC Pinball

acdc1 ACDCPro-FlyerF-0112-01b.PDF.pdf luci1

I love AC/DC. As a child my dad would play their music in our house exceptionally loud. This may be why my dad can’t hear me when I’m talking to him, or he’s ignoring me. Either or. So when Stern announced an AC/DC pinball machine, my dad went bananas. There’s a few versions of this machine. There is a pro edition (which is meh), and then there are three limited edition versions (all of which are awesome), and then there’s the Luci edition. If you’re gonna get an AC/DC, get a Luci one. The cab art is exceptional on it.

luci2 ACDCPro-FlyerF-0112-01b.PDF.pdf acdc2

The pro edition had a standard play field, designed by pinball great Steve Ritchie. By standard play field, I mean it doesn’t have the lower play field (since that’s the draw to buying an LE). The lower play field is designed to mimic hell (as in “Highway to Hell“) and acts as a second pinball board. It’s fantastic. Other than that there is no real difference between the machines other than cab art. The ball cannon is one of my favorite features of the game, and being able to switch between AC/DC songs is fantastic too. You can find them online fairly easily as people as always selling them. Expect to pay anywhere from $4-9K for a machine.

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