Report: Matt Reeves Offered The Batman Director Job That Formerly Belonged To Ben Affleck

It’s official! It will be official if Matt Reeves agrees that he will officially direct The Batman!

According to a report from Deadline, Reeves has been offered the job, and all that’s left is for him to accept. Ben Affleck was originally set to direct The Batman, but he said he wouldn’t do it unless the script was good, insisting that there was “not enough money in the world to make a mediocre” film. Ultimately, Affleck decided not to direct. What does that say about the script? U DECIDE!


So the question is, is there enough money in the world for Matt Reeves to make a mediocre Batman film? That remains to be seen. Also remaining to be seen is whether Affleck will still be starring as Batman when the movie finally begins filming. Months of wishy washy comments, followed by the $75 million tanking of his Oscar-bait film Live By Night, could add up to cold feet for the Batfleck, who probably doesn’t want to see a repeat of his post-Daredevil slump. The script Affleck wrote for the film has already been rewritten once by Chris Terrio, and reports are conflicting as to whether there will be another rewrite once a new director comes on board.

Reeves is the director of 2008’s Cloverfield, as well as both Dawn of and War for the Planet of the Apes. Is he the right choice for The Batman? Could be. But whatever happens, we can all take solace in the fact that, thanks to the courageous efforts of some concerned fans, at least it’s not Zack Snyder.

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