The Return Of Some Old Foes To Today's Titans... (SPOILERS)

The Return Of Some Old Foes To Today’s Titans… (SPOILERS)

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Psimon was a character created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez back in New Teen Titans #3 in 1981. Physicist Dr. Simon Jones who contacted another dimension, to be transformed by the demon Trigon into a powerful psychic with a mission to destroy Earth. He joined the Fearsome Five, and fought the Teen Titans on and off, died a few times and became a recurring villain in the DC Universe.


In the New 52 he was rebooted as a younger man who could kill with his mind.

Well, in today’s Titans he’s back. As Peter Simon…



And his classic look, as one of the Fearsome Five again.


Sorry, six… with Mammoth, Psimon… Jinx, Shimmer and Gizmo, remade…


For comparison’s sake…


And again.





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