A Look At Walt Simonson’s Work For Neil Gaiman’s American Gods From Dark Horse

Walter Simonson has been posting previews of his work on the upcoming Neil Gaiman American Gods comic book adaptation written with layouts by P Craig Russell and drawn by Scott Hampton and… friends. As well as Walt Simonson, that will also includes Colleen Doran, Mark Buckingham, P Craig Russell, and others.

While Dark Horse PR had given 13th Dimension (whgich still exists) two fully pencilled pages of Simonson’s work….

vikings-pg-11-pencils-wms_ gaimans-vikings-pg-1

As well as the Scott Hampton pages we already previewed by pulling from the ether.


And the pages Dark Horse gave to THR.agodssh-1-pg-06agodssh-1-pg-07agodssh-1-pg-08agodssh-1-pg-09agodssh-1-pg-10agodssh-1-pg-11agodssh-1-pg-12agodssh-1-pg-13agodssh-1-pg-14agodssh-1-pg-15agodssh-1-pg-16agodssh-1-pg-17

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