Dark Horse Comics Rush Through A Solicit For Rich Woodall And Craig Rousseau’s Kyrra, Alien Jungle Girl


A collection of the Dark Horse Presents story, Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl by Rich Woodall and Craig Rousseau is being pushed through, outside of the usual Previews catalogue solicitation process, for June publication. So, I thought it might be worth underlining.

A digital comic for Artists Alley Comics, then picked up by Dark Horse Presents, the solicitation goes,

Deep in the jungle, a young alien woman must use her wits, strength, and one small, precious clue-a gem that projects a hologram of her father-to discover her true origin! Includes additional story pages not published in Dark Horse Presents, two bonus stories exclusive to this edition, and includes a beautiful pin-up section!


Use Diamond order code DEC168740 if you want to know more.


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