I’m Not Sure Richard Spencer’s Comic Strip Is Making The Point He Wants To Make

So repeatedly-punched-in-the-face white supremacist Richard Spencer has been tweeting, I know, not exactly a surprise. But he managed to address the issue of himself being punched in the face – and the general feeling that Nazis should be punched in the face – with this cartoon.

I’m not sure if it made the point he wanted to.

Before he was punched that first time on video in the street, he denied that he was a Nazi. But by tweeting this cartoon, he seems to be admitted that, yes he is a Nazi, just not one interested in concentration camps – until he got punched in the face. But now he reckons he might be.

The point the cartoon makes is that people doing the punching might encourage the punched to go to even greater genocidal extremes.

But even if that were true, and let’s remind ourselves that Richard Spencer has talked about creating a white homeland, “ethnic cleansing”, and has shown a whole lot of support for Nazi causes, titles and tropes, if you create concentration camps in response to being punched, well, you were always going to make concentration camps.

And you were always a Nazi.

That’s the thing about comics, they can be really powerful and condensing a point into a single arresting image or thought. Just, it might not always be the one you meant to get across…





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