More Proof That Donald Trump Is Batman In Today’s Batman #16 (SPOILERS)

Once you establish a piece of Gotham in a Batman comic book, it never goes away. So Tom King and David Finch’s decision to create a fast food chain Batburgers for the Bruce Wayne and the boys to feast at, means that you’ll probably be seeing this place all over the DC Universe.

It also emphasises that Batman Inc no longer exists in the DC Universe or they’d sue this place into another multiverse like the lawyers at Warner Bros would do if you established this place for real.


Of course, this kind of thing does exist for real….


And Batman’s complaints about the overcommercialisation of Christmas Batman’s rogue gallery would have a greater validity to it…



…if DC hadn’t already done it.

Still at least they never gave away a Red Hood Bat-Mite Meal Toy…


Scott Lobdell, are you reading this? But where is this all heading? Why a trip to McDonald’s for this billionaire? Well, we all know what happens when a billionaire eats fast food… he eats his pizza with a knife and fork. And Jon Stewart notices.


And Bruce Wayne?


Yet another sign that Batman is actually Donald Trump!

Batman #16 by Tom King and David Finch is published today.

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