No One Can Use 616 In Marvel Comics Anymore… Aside From Jason Latour?

After the events of Secret Wars, Marvel Comics got rid of the Earth 616 nomenclature for the regular Marvel Universe introduced by Dave Thorpe, Alan Moore and Alan Davis. Creators were told to use it as much as they wanted and get it out of their system – something Jonathan Hickman and Dan Slott seeme dto take as a challenge with Time Runs Out and Spider-Verse.

But since then. apart from occasional fixed-for-the-trade slippage in Web Warriors, Marvel Comics has stuck to the new labels. The Marvel Universe is now Prime Earth.

Except it seems in the other week's Spider-Man #16, featuring Miles Morales Spider-Man traveling to Spider-Gwen's Earth 65. Though there seems to be a little more interdimensional trade going on.


A Super-Ape designed  by… The Red Ghost of Earth-616? And from the back-matter…


A listing for Miles Morales that places his home on Earth-616?

Someone call the Brevoort…

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