Baltimore Protests Declare: No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!

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The protest at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport is continuing, and our intrepid Lauren Sisselman is there as part of the supporters. Reports from around the BWI region suggest that hundreds of additional supporters are still en-route to join. So far the protests, as they were yesterday, are going peacefully, with airport administrators working with the protestors to establish safe parameters from which both sides (the protestors as well as police) can operate safely.

Congressman John Sarbanes has arrived on scene as well and has been speaking with the press and with the protestors in support of their actions. The video below shows him speaking to a local outlet, and when asked by the reporter, “do you think there’s some middle ground on this?” He responds:

Look, we always have to strive for a middle in this country. It’s only in building a consensus that we can have a successful policy. And this executive order.. it doesn’t meet that standard, and I think that’s why people are out here.


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