James Hudnall Pleads For His Friends To Give Trump A Chance

James Hudnall Pleads For His Friends To Give Trump A Chance

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James Hudnall is the comic creator of Espers and Harsh Realm, as well as writer on Lex Luthor, The Age of Heroes, Aftermath, Shut Up And Die, Two to the Chest, Chiller, Devastator, Hardcase and The Solution. He currently writes Agenda! with Matt Cossin for Charlton Neo and Blue Cat, an online graphic novel published by Aces Weekly, an online anthology.

He has courted political controversy with his cartoons in the past – and that’s not stopping anytime soon. But he is one of the few comic book creators openly supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States. And frankly we need a bit of balance around here. Or something. He published publicly on Facebook,

President 45 is now on the case. I know a lot of you hate him, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. The media has been lying to you. I’m glad the inauguration went well, even the weather turned nicer when he started speaking. It’s a new era for America. Let’s try to be positive until we have real things to complain about.

For the record, I am not a Republican. I’m a lifelong independent. Trump ran as a Republican but he is not anything like one, which is why so many of them fought against him tooth and nail. He is not anti-gay, anti-minority at all. You will see that in the coming months. You can go on hating him but it’s a waste of energy unless he does something that really deserves it. And I will be complaining too if he does (provided I think it’s a real issue).

But what would count as an issue? James continued to add nuance.

The balance continues…

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