Dan Panosian Talks To Bleeding Cool About Working With Joe Quesada On The X-Men Comic That Appears In The Logan Movie


Did you see an X-Men comic book in the new trailer for Logan? Wonder why you didn’t exactly recognise it?

Bleeding Cool talked to artist Dan Panosian who inked the comic with Marvel CCO Joe Quesada‘s artwork. Apparently, they couldn’t use an actual X-Men comic book due to Fox/Marvel copyright issues, but Hugh Jackman asked Joe Quesada personally to draw the story that appears.


Panosian told Bleeding Cool,

I drew the covers. All in all, I created about 10 or 12 original covers. I was asked to create an original logo and cover dressings too. Illustrating the corner boxes was a treat too. It was one of the best art assignments I’ve ever had.

I also inked/colored/lettered that interior page that was penciled by Joe Quesada. I hadn’t inked him in over 25 years and to say his work has become more detailed and awesome is an understatement. Sadly, I had to tone the inks down a bit so the finished page would look like it was created in the 80’s. I tried to channel some Al Williamson here and there.

But yes, Joe penciled a cover and 4 interior pages that I can’t divulge much more on. I don’t want to spoil the film.

How did he get the gig?

Gabriel Hardman recommended me for the job. He was storyboarding the film. But there’s more.

I also wrote/drew/colored/lettered an additional 4 page story that may show up. We’ll see.

The back page and interior ads were also custom made. One of them features MMA and Wrestling legend, Josh Barnett. Although in the ad, he’s called “Josie Barnett”. My nod to the Outlaw Josie Wales. You can see the ad a tiny bit when Logan throws the comic books on the bed.



How did he get the right feel?

Originally I contacted Dave Mandel because I know he has a lot of the original artwork from that time period and he sent me a super high-res scan of some covers so could be faithful to the original 80’s books. But ultimately I designed a new logo and corner boxes, etc.

Thansk Dan! Hopefully we’ll see more in the movie – or maybe the DVD release!

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