Why You Won’t Be Seeing “Lipstick Lobo” Any Time Soon

Posted by January 11, 2017 Comment

When Lobo was reintroduced to DC’s New 52 four years ago, it was very different to the Simon Bisley-styled Lobo, a heavy metal rocking version of the genocidal assassin that had been popular in recent years.


This version was dubbed “Lipstick Lobo” or similar. And he didn’t exactly go down well.

Lobo_D _kr


Not even when fighting a version of his old self.



Of late, wth DC Rebirth, we have seen a reversion to the Bisley-designed Lobo, indeed, Simon Bisley is returning to draw the character in the next issue of Harley’s Little Black Book in which the pair will be incredibly naked for most of the issue.



But what of Lipstick Lobo?

Well, today’s Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps by Robert Venditti and Ethan Van Sciver sees the Green Lanterns smashing up Larfleez’s collection, freeing all his prisoners.


Except one. A familiar face inside one of the glass frames, shrunken down to size.



He stays in the bottle. Not even DC Rebirth can save this verskion of the character…


And yes, it is rather meta isn’t it?

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