Valiant’s Ninjak Reminds You Of The Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building

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While the cat is away, the mice will play.



Kirby was the king of many arts in the comic book medium. And while many of his storytelling innovations – like the multi-part crossover and double page splash, just to name a few – are still regular fixtures of the Wednesday comic rack, another one of his most famous devices – the cutaway page – is more often overlooked than not.

Until today’s Ninjak #23 from Valiant, that is:


Kicking off the new “Seven Blades of Master Darque” storyline by Matt Kindt with art by Marc Laming, the new issue of Ninjak follows an elaborate prison heist from one of the superspy’s deadliest enemies: Roku. But before Roku’s jail-break begins, the issue sets the stage by giving us a detailed look inside the prison that’s about to be breached.

And, as SNL’s Stefon might say, this club  has everything.

…Laser tunnels…


…Acid pools…



…And, of course, British werewolf super-soldiers…




But it’s all very familiar…

Ninjak #23 is on sale today from Valiant Entertainment.  ninjak_023_cover-a_bodenheim

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