Meet Batman’s New Trans Character, Dr Victoria October, In Today’s Detective Comics

Posted by January 11, 2017 Comment

Today’s Detective Comics #948 works as a #0 issue for the new Batwoman comic book starting next month, written by Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV. But it introduces a new supporting character for the Batbooks, as designed by artist Ben Oliver. One Dr Victoria October.

And she knows how to make an entrance.


It may be considered unfortunate by subtextual analysists that her appearance is in the midst of genetic freaks and monstrosities. But it’s Batman, there’s always going to be something up. And Dr October goes on to establish her relationship with Batman extends long before that, and something more of the extraterrestrial bent. As we discover…detective-comics-2016-948-013

Pupal and deadname are the giveaway there. Dr Victoria October is a trans female scientist with a white stripe and a cane. And surrounded by silhouettes. And then that’s it, the story moves on…

Detective Comics #948 is published today.

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