Does Anyone Like Ben Reilly: Scarlet Spider’s New Costume?

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Marvel announced what Bleeding Cool readers knew for a month, that Peter David and Mark Bagley were creating a new Scarlet Spider series starring Ben Reilly. But what did the internet think of his new look?

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Not only has #BenReilly been resurrected from the dead, but I’m not feeling that costume AT ALL! The hood is too #SpiderGwen like, and what’s up with the mouth?!? Oh well, at least it’s Peter David & Mark Bagley on a #Spider title, and it’ll feature #Kaine, so I’m sure I’ll pick it up. From CBR: #BenReillyTheScarletSpider, written by David with art from Bagley, will see Ben dealing with his personal demons with the pull of his past as a Spider-Hero, as the clone-happy #Jackal, and even as a normal human being who’s gone through some horrific stuff. #KaineParker, fellow #ScarletSpider and clone, will play a major role in the series, as he goes on the search for Ben after the events of the #CloneConspiracy help convince him to find a better life for himself. #Marvel #MarvelComics #SpiderMan #CloneSaga #TheNerdTruth

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Does anyone like the suit?

Well at least that’s the agnostic position…

Not long…

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