The 16th Rumour Awards – Wrong Of The Year 2016

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It’s a long long time since the very first one of these. I was 28 when I decided that an annual look back at the rumours and scoops of the year would be a good thing. 16 years later, that’s still to be determined. But here we go again with a self congratulatory pat on the back. Mostly.

But feel free to catch up with previous years by clicking on all these many links.

So what are the stories we got wrong in 2016? Really wrong? Well, we started early with the news that Matthew Rosenberg was going to be writing for DC Comics. Instead he went to Marvel.

We also got it wrong that Scott Snyder would be moving from Batman to Detective Comics. I mean, that was the plan at the time, but things changed. Instead his plans for Detective Comics became All-Star Batman….

And we were still wrong about Marc Silvestri’s Batman coming out.

There was, however, no comic called Man Of Steel. And there was no The Super Man was renamed New Super Man. 

We got it wrong that Earth 2 may feature the new Justice Society Of America, 

No, Nite Owl and Silk Spectre weren’t Gotham and Gotham Girl.

And there really wasn’t a Captain Britain TV show…. and all of these DC TV rumours appeared to be utter bunkum. It happens. These were a little better… but not by much.

But the biggest wrong of the year was probably the news that the character of Tim Drake, Red Robin, was to die.  Bleeding Cool ran the news, and DC Comics followed up with all sorts of teasers – but it was a bait and switch. He only died in the eyes of everyone else – apart from him and Mr Oz.

And do remember, some wrongs from one year work out for another… such as the news that ComiXology were to announce an all-you-can-eat subscription at a major comic convention. It happened. Just not when we thought it would…

What other very wrong things from the year stuck out? And no, hiring Jude Terror does not count.

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