James Gunn Has A Great Idea For A Moon Knight Movie But Doubts He Will Have Time To Make It

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Moon Knight is a fun character. He looks excellent and his struggles and life with schizophrenia is often pretty fertile ground for wriers. I do quite like seeing what he is upto, especially when he has imaginary versions of real heroes in his head.

Well, it seems the discussion of a Moon Knight movie in the MCU was at least discussed at one point. James Gunn took to Twitter to talk to a fan about the character explaining he love the character and has a great idea for a movie. On top of that, he says he relayed that idea to Marvel but knows he won’t have time to make the film anytime soon.

He said:

This is a shame. I fo sure would watch the hell out of this if it ever came to pass. However, he’d be a tricky one to pull off and I’m sure Marvel has more pressing characters to get too.

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