Marvel Launches Yet Another Whispered Mystery In Avengers #3 (Spoilers)

Marvel Launches Yet Another Whispered Mystery In Avengers #3 (Spoilers)

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Three years ago, Nick Fury whispered something to Thor to make him believe he was unworthy to hold Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor. and so he no longer did. And Jane Foster picked it up instead.


We still don’t know what it was.


Years before that, Mary Jane Watson whispered to Mephisto a secret clause to their deal.

It was eventually revealed…

…although it wasn’t what was originally digitally printed, no matter how much Brian Cronin disagrees.

“You will make me remember everything.”


Today, towards the conclusion of Avengers #3, following a storyline which has hit the “would you kill Hitler as a child” trope firmly on tghe head, we get another inkling regarding what the Vision has discovered about the importance of Kang.


And no zooming in will clear that up.

Maybe by 2020 we’ll be let in on the secret?

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