The 16th Rumour Awards – Swipe Of The Year 2016

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It’s a long long time since the very first one of these. I was 28 when I decided that an annual look back at the rumours and scoops of the year would be a good thing. 16 years later, that’s still to be determined. But here we go again with a self-congratulatory pat on the back. Mostly.

But feel free to catch up with previous years by clicking on all these many links.

Swipe File covers all sorts of things from the coincidences to the homages to the jokey comparisons.But at the end of the year, we decided to try out a new name – and a voting form so the readers can vote Swipe, Co-incidence, Homage or Joke…

But here are a few which seem to be the definition of swipeishness.

And it began rather personally, during Brexit as the Leave site took one of my political cartoons


So I do these cartoons for Guido Fawkes, the political blog, every Monday. This was the hilarious idea of having George Osbourne who, although Conservative MPs have been told they will be able to campaign freely on either side of the upcoming European Referendum, has been exerting career pressure on the backbenchers.

Then mash it up, retitle it and use it for their campaigning with a new message not in the original.

Joe Jusko pointed out a work sold by Dennis Hussey for $513


Which was a swipe of a piece Jusko painted over a John Buscema image as well as two other pieces.


That Jusko image was also ripped off and sold by one Mike Mall… who has made a cottage industry of this sort of thing.


to that of Joe Jusko.


Mike Mall also had a run in with Graham Nolan over his Batman work.


Splatter swiper Joseph Bayer found himself banned from comic shows because of this sort of thing as he was enabled by cosplayer Spock Vegas. While fellow splatter swiper Ginger Zap found herself zapped by a legal letter from Skybound over this sort of thing.

Then there was “art” art.

There was a time that the new Marvel design for the Kate Bishop Hawkeye was taken from fanart rather than actual files.


There was the time Bryan Hitch showed his cards regarding Doctor Who and Mass Effect a little too much on Justice League.

Justice League - Rebirth (2016) 001-019

The cover of Action Comics #1 was recreated by Sharknado…

While a character in Love Stories To Die For from 2013 really resembled a certain someone in Rogue One…


screenshot-38 love-stories-to-die-for-symptom-of-the-universe-page-4

There was a lot of logos to look at – the new Newsarama design…

Rama_NewLogo (1)

…taken straight from an Insurance company.


Or Turkish new services…


…finding a new use for DC’s old logo.


Even if its designer didn’t seem to mind.

And Brena Outreach Strategies behind the Wine Country Comic Con….


Were using the Survey Corps insignia from Attack On Titan.attack_on_titans_recon_corps_logo_by_vr_7-d6q0n6c

The word of X’ed from Black Mask Press looked rather familiar…

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.11.39 AM (1)Compared to  Larry Marder‘s Beanworld?


While this cover by Bob Eggleton for the Brian Lumley Necroscope series, Necroscope IV: Deadspeak.

86142_necroscope_iv_deadspeakWas rather similar to a Death Metal shirt from the catwalk of German fashion house, Vetements.

image (1)



Some space ships in Venom: Space Knight #6 looked a little familiar.

IMG_3478-e1463035423858 As if they were right out of Warhammer 40K.


Venom - Space Knight (2015-) 006-005

…but it was the Tau symbol from Warhammer 40K that gave it away.

And one of the more famous nineties comics image found an origin.


Harley Quinn had one plotline…

Image (73)

…that felt very familiar.


Something guest swipe filers Sean Jordan (aka Wordburglar) and Dave Howlett, creators of The Last Paper Route, now available now on Comixology:

download (1)


At Tom King mined Batman for its past…



…it also found inspiration in All Star Superman.


Dynamite’s design department looked happy to find inspiration across the industry, for their reproduction original art volumes from IDW…

unnamed (12)unnamed (14)

And their artwork cogffe table volumes from Dark Horse.

mastersheman (2)Art of Atari Cover-solicit front cover

Which also gave us the opportunity to revive a classic swipe.


Official Star Wars artist Robert Bailey gained quite the reputation for admiring the work of other official artists… such as Brian Rood, and many others.


Jerry Lawler, wrestler and artist, who finished this commission for a paying customer.

Who  may not have realised just how similar it is to the work of a certain Neal Adams.


There was a major gaming swipe of moves…

Between moves from Miles Morales in the new Marvel video game<em> Contest Of Champions</em> –  and <em>Street Fighter</em>…

And Luke Cage while you’re at it.


While the design for Friday in Invincible Iron Man…


One of the biggest had to be the Kurt Cobain swipe book by the Oteros published in November – which had pages swiped from another Kurt Cobain comic that came out years ago


As well as from Punk Rock Jesus. The book was made returnable by IDW and words were exchanged with licensor Glenat. This would have normally been the biggest Swipe of the year.

El Torres and Gabriel Hernandez‘s work for IDW went the other way with The Suicide Forest and The Veil...

Seeing what appeared to be new form in film…



But Swipe Of The Year has to come from someone that ripped off not just a design or a pose, or a trace, but the heart and soul of an idea. Robert Sikoryak’s portrayal of the Apple iTunes Guidelines in comic book form, taking the least creative words and portraying them in a completely different contextm, an utter work of transformation and getting plenty of attention, both as a comic book…

tumblr_nzavh7YGrQ1ugej69o1_1280  …and as a presentation.


That Madefire ripped off for Apple without any credit, thanks or consultation. As a comic book…


…and as a presentation.


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