Will 2017 Bring The End To The 6 Issue Story At DC Comics?

Will 2017 Bring The End To The 6 Issue Story At DC Comics?

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Last year, DC Comics launched their Rebirth initiative, which saw their superhero line double down to core titles – and double the number of issues published of each.

My natural inclination was to presume this would lead to longer stories, given an increased schedule of episodes, a greater patience from the audience given the next chapter would be but two weeks away.

Instead, it appears that the opposite has been true. When the chapters are more frequent, there has been less of a tolerance for longer storylines. After considerable research, DC editorial is looking to move to shorter storylines as a result.

The longer extended storyline with a specified beginning and end used to be a rarity in superhero comics but it became more popular with the popularity of Authority, the Ultimate line, a greater readership for manga and the “decompressed” comic book. Subsequent collections in trade paperback became compulsory and five or six issues fitted that well.

But for 2017? Look for more one-to-three issue storylines and subsequent collections cramming in more than just the one story….

Will Marvel follow suit?



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