Being Mistaken For Serial Killer Makes Roman Reigns Mask Look Strong

A mask and muscle playset of WWE superstar Roman Reigns was mistaken for the likeness of English serial killer The Yorkshire Ripper, according to a report in UK Newspaper The Sun. Convicted in 1981, The Ripper, otherwise known as Peter Sutcliffe, murdered thirteen women and attempted to murder seven others before being caught. Reigns, by comparison, kills the enjoyment of crowds at professional wrestling events on a weekly basis. Other than that, and similar goatees, the pair have little in common.

That didn’t stop a Birmingham parent from becoming extremely agitated upon seeing the mask in a toy store and calling for its removal.

“The mask looks nothing like the actual WWE wrestler, and I have shown a close up the mask to friends and they all said ‘The Yorkshire Ripper,’” the man said. “I think if this mask was taken onto the streets, and people were asked what serial killer does this mask look like, I think most would name Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper.”

They want the mask to be Sutcliffe, but just like pro wrestling fans who wish for anyone else besides Reigns to win main event matches in WWE, they will be disappointed to learn it’s actually Roman Reigns.

Here’s the mask in question, which can be purchased here:



Here is Roman Reigns, who can be seen main eventing Wrestlemania in April:


And here is Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper:


Jakks Pacific, who manufactures the Roman Reigns mask, says it has no plans to remove it from shelves, just as WWE has no plans to remove Roman Reigns from a never-ending main event push despite fans’ multi-year rejection of the wrestler in that spot. Reigns is expected to win the WWE Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble, the Royal Rumble itself, or both.

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