Lady With A Powerpunch - The Continuing Travails Of Renae De Liz And Ray Dillon

Lady With A Powerpunch – The Continuing Travails Of Renae De Liz And Ray Dillon

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Bleeding Cool has been covering the cancellation of the DC Comics title The Legend Of Wonder Woman by Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon, in mid-production of the greenlit-nine-months-ago second volume. And how DC senior sources have indicated to Bleeding Cool that this was down to critical tweets of theirs regarding another DC Comics Wonder Woman volume, Odyssey Of The Amazons, which was picked up and turned into an article by Mary Sue which DC execs believe Dillon was behind arranging. And how this is consistent with previous DC Comics corporate behaviour agaist creators they believe have turned against them. Unless they are Alan Moore.

You can read the previous three articles here, here and here.

The GoFundMe campaign that De Liz and Dillon launched to cover their resultant financial stress was boosted by the likes of retweets by Neil Gaiman, and has now raised over $4500, well above their $2000 goal. To which De Liz has said,

The fact the amount has gone over, means you have also given us hope for the future, as we now have just enough time to establish ourselves into a more solid situation than perhaps even before, and it’s ENTIRELY thanks to all of you. Major publishers have reached out, and I’m even considering a creator-owned super hero that has been awaiting her chance by the sidelines for years. No matter what we do, I’ll always be pushing for creating adventures for all-ages that are uplifting, fun, and full of examples of diverse, strong characters, especially for young girls to look up to, and show them that they too are capable of doing anything.

That project would be Lady Power Punch, who appeared in the De Liz’s Womanthology project.


Dillon also tweeted,


While neither De Liz or Dillon didn’t respond to e-mail inquiries about the issue earlier in the week, he also posted on CBR forums saying,

Just to clarify a few things because I appreciate this community.

I had zero to do with the Mary Sue article. And it wasn’t their fault for running it either.

It wasn’t my tweets.

It wasn’t sales.

We wish no ill will on DC, or the Amazons team. I enjoy Kevin and Ryan’s work a lot.

We’re appreciative of the opportunity DC gave us.

We’re sad but moving on and are really feeling the love of the people who have supported our careers as well as IDW and Marvel.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


While I cannot say why the book was actually cancelled, I can re-confirm that DC senior sources have told me that they believe tweets and the article were the reasons for the cancellations, as well as further clashes with Dillon that we mentioned in a previous article. And it might be noted that not only were such tweets deleted when the cancellation news broke, but the Mary Sue article was edited, without notification, to remove references to them.

As to the possible reversal of the decision by DC Comics? There is a petition to that effect right now with almost 300 signatures. As Ray says,

This looks like it’s far from over.

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