Fanboy Rampage: The Comic Con Wars Of Arizona

c587f575-f7de-4084-bd2d-ab1e18fabfde-962-000005274090f548_tmpI don’t know what it is about Arizona, comics and widely differing versions of events. Maybe it’s the sun?

Amazing Arizona Comic Con was a comic convention, part of the Amazing line of shows, run by Jimmy Jay. We recently reported how that show would not be held in 2017, along with the Amazing Houston Comic Con. But there will be other shows. And Rob Liefeld had some concerns.

Local retailer Jesse James is also running a completely separate show – which Liefeld will most likely appear at. But other creators confirmed being approached in a similar fashion. Fabian Nicieza quoted from an e-mail he had received from Wheeler, saying

Jimmy Jay replied,

With Rob Liefeld also replying,

And Fabian continuing,

Mike Wheeler runs the store Comic Outlaws, and it appears he used that Facebook page to reply,

As for that Jesse James show?

The heat is on…

UPDATE: Jesse James adds,

This posted today… though it’s an interesting write up and appreciate the shout out for AzEventureCon. I would like to make sure that everybody knows, we have not approached Mr Rob Liefeld about coming to our show. Though we would love to have him come out to the store or a future event (hint hint). We know Mr Liefeld is a very busy man and also understand we are a smaller show and not yet set up for a Crowd that would come see him. So, No Liefeld and no we never said he was coming.

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