DC Comics Cancels Legend Of Wonder Woman Vol 2, Half Way Through Being Created

51kmybzwmblOne of the better-reviewed iterations of Wonder Woman recently has been the Eisner-nominated digital first series Legends Of Wonder Woman. It was written and pencilled by Renae De Liz and inked, coloured and lettered by her husband Ray Dillon. Published digitally every week of two weeks, it was collected as a nine-issue print series, then collected in a hardcover a few weeks ago. The second part of the story was due to begin any day now and the creative team had been hard at it after a DC PR interview announced that the second volume had been greenlit in June.

That is no longer to be. Even though she was halfway through…

Renae De Liz posted on Twitter a series of statements.

It also looks to be joining the likes of Top Ten Season 2 and Prez as highly acclaimed DC Comics titles that never gave us their partially completed second volume.

She also ran some layouts from the planned series…


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