Andy Kaufman Gets Bio Comic From Andre The Giant: Life And Legend Creator Box Brown

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As part of the ongoing hoax to convince everyone that Andy Kaufman is really dead, a new comic book about his life and career is on the way from cartoonist Box Brown, who also did that Andre The Giant bio comic. No, not that Andre the Giant comic. This Andre the Giant comicAndre The Giant: Life and Legend. And while we’re on the subject of clearing things up, try not to confuse cartoonist Box Brown with an actual brown box (available on Uline now).


No, Box Brown is definitely a cartoonist, and his new comic will be called Andy Kaufman: Is This Guy For Real?. In a feature on, Brown said:

Andy Kaufman has fascinated me for years. I was too young to remember his runs on David Letterman and Saturday Night Live. But because of Man on the Moon, Comedy Central started re-airing Andy Kaufman’s performances. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen. He was extremely influential in the comedy world, but I think still misunderstood and often emulated with varying results.

Playboy also has some preview images of the comic, marking the first time people have wanted to look at pictures in Playboy in nearly a year now. Check ’em out:

kaufman1 kaufman2 kaufman3 kaufman4 kaufman5 kaufman6

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