GEEK-spiracy! George R.R. Martin Is Playing Us All

GEEK-spiracy! George R.R. Martin Is Playing Us All

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by Ray Flook

I love conspiracy theories. The crazier, the better. Granted, my gut feeling (and basic common sense) tell me that probably about 98.7% of all conspiracy theories are crocks of shit…but that doesn’t mean they’re not fun, right? First man on the moon? Of course it was shot on a soundstage! Fluoride in our drinking water? Of course it’s put there to mind-control us! Paul McCartney? Of course he died in 1966 and was then replaced by a clone/twin/replicant! Because the one unifying thing that links all conspiracy theories together is this: all you need to ride this train is blind faith…facts and truth? Fuck ‘em! Because when in doubt, you have the ultimate mic-dropping go-to answer every time: “Yeah…but that’s what they want you to think…” See what I mean? You never lose and you’ll never be wrong.

And nowhere do conspiracy theories run rampant more than in the geek community; so in “honor” of this proud tradition of misleading misinformation, I present to you now our first installment of…GEEK-spiracy!

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO. 02DICIEMBRE20106.- El escritor George R. R. Martin autor de Games of Thrones, durante la conferencia de prensa que ofreció a medios nacionales e internacionales, esto en el marco de la edición 30 de la Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara FIL, que se lleva a cabo en la Expo del 26 de noviembre al 04 de diciembre.FOTO : FERNANDO CARRANZA GARCIA / CUARTOSCURO.COM

So our first topic? George R.R. Martin…with some level of plausible deniability from HBO and Random House/HarperCollins…is playing us all in a way that reads as if it was pulled kicking & screaming from the pages of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Unless you’ve been living in suspended animation for the past several years, you know by now that HBO is currently producing a television series entitled Game of Thrones, based on the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by Martin and published by Random House (and by HarperCollins in the UK). Pretty simple and straightforward, right? Nothing unusual about a network adapting a series of books…gets done all the time, right? Except this is Game of Thrones…a juggernaut of pop culture licensing that’s just barely started scratching the surface of its full potential. So now we’ve reached the point where “for whatever reason” the television series has outpaced the book series…with Martin himself writing just a few days ago that he would be spending a large chunk of 2017 working on the sixth book, The Winds of Winter. The only option left to HBO was to move ahead (with Martin’s blessing, of course) and wrap-up the show over the course of Seasons 7 & 8. So what we have now is “Game of Thrones A” (HBO’s version) and “Game of Thrones B” (Random House’s version)…and who benefits the most from this? George R.R. Martin.


GEEK-spiracy! #1 George R.R. Martin purposefully delayed future books in the A Song of Fire and Ice so that there would be two Game of Thrones series, essentially “double-dipping” his own property from now until the end of time.

So tighten-up your tinfoil hats to block The Illuminati’s mind control waves and let me know just how on-point I am with my theory or how painfully insane my theory is (or share your own) by commenting below and starting the conversation.

Or maybe that’s what “They” want you to do…??? Hmmm…

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