New Scarlet Spider Series From Marvel By Peter David And Mark Bagley?

Posted by December 9, 2016 Comment

scarlet_spider_ben_reillyThat’s the word on the street. That, spinning out of the current Clone Conspiracy series, we will be getting a new Scarlet Spider series written by Peter David and Mark Bagley. 

David is currently writing the Spider-Man 2099 series for Marvel, while Bagley has been drawing All-New X-Men and is providing a page for the final issue of Civil War II.

The most recent issues of Clone Conspiracy saw Kaine Parker and Ben Reilly, two characters who have both appeared as Scarlet Spider.

Which of the two Peter Parker clones will appear in this new series in the role, I have no idea. Maybe Kaine, maybe Ben,  maybe both?

(Last Updated December 22, 2016 8:40 am )

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