Frank Miller May Do A Comic With World War 2 Era Heroes For DC

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asbartbwPaul Pope and Frank Miller were on a panel at Brazilian Comic Con Experience over the weekend, and both dropped some clues about future plans at DC Comics. The panel was reported on by breakfast-themed Brazilian pop culture site Omelete, in Portuguese, so the quotes have been translated back to English by Google.

During the panel, Miller spoke briefly about his future plans, and they could include a new project about World War 2 era heroes for DC Comics:

I have a fixation with World War II and I’m talking to DC on a project with their heroes at that time.

Yeah, that’s all the information provided. Sorry.

So which World War 2 era heroes do you want to get the grim and gritty, prostitute-obsessed Frank Miller treatment? Also, aren’t the World War 2 era heroes basically still the mainstream DC heroes? Not a lot changes in comics. Let us know what you think in the comments. People are going to need something to read after this short article.

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