Did DC Comics Time The Hoopla Announcement To Come After Retailers Had Placed Their Final Orders?

Posted by December 3, 2016 Comment

Hoopla is a free digital streaming service that works with public libraries, for books, comics, music, video, many things. The other day, Bleeding Cool announced that Hoopla were to digitally “lend” out all the DC Rebirth titles, alongside them being printed as trade paperbacks.

What we didn’t know was that Hoopla only announced this, the day after comic stores placed their final non-returnable orders for the same Rebirth trade paperbacks with Diamond Comic Distributors.

Was this all a conspiracy? DC Comics telling Hoopla not to send out their member e-mails, safe in the knowledge that the day they did someone would forward one to Bleeding Cool who would cover the story, even though no one else seems to have bothered?

Enough for some retailers to contact Bleeding Cool rather enraged…. and that they would have ordered differently if they’d known about Hoopla.


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