Collecting All Of Jack Kirby's Kamandi In One Big Fat Omnibus In July 2017

Collecting All Of Jack Kirby’s Kamandi In One Big Fat Omnibus In July 2017

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kamandi_001In January, DC Comics is publishing the Kamandi Challenge, where 40 different creators in 20 different teams tell their own Kamandi stories, picking up after each other, creating an exquisite corpse between them.

Well DC Comics don’t want you to forget the original. Which is why they are collecting Kamandi, The Last Boy On Earth #1-#40, all of Jack Kirby‘s issues, into an omnibus volume to come out alongside the new stories, in July next year.

Jack Kirby’s Kamandi Omnibus Hardcover – July 25, 2017

At last, DC presents the adventures of Kamandi, the last boy on Earth, in the popular Jack Kirby Omnibus format!

Kamandi-one of the few survivors of a Great Disaster that has destroyed civilization–must search for a safe haven in a world populated by bizarre mutated animals and other strange wonders! Considered one of Jack Kirby’s most creative works, KAMANDI features a band of anthropomorphic supporting characters who accompany Kamandi as he searches for answers and adventure across the wastelands of Earth.

From one of comics’ legendary creators, Jack Kirby’s Kamandi faces danger from a giant, monstrous crab creature and an intelligent killer whale, and is hunted by the Sacker Company as a valuable intelligent human. In what is considered the series’ greatest tale, Kamandi is forced to compete with the leader of a gorilla clan for the ultimate prize: Superman’s costume!

This hardcover omnibus collects Jack Kirby’s run on KAMANDI, THE LAST BOY ON EARTH #1-40.

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