This Blüd's For You - Nightwing's Nineties Revival

This Blüd’s For You – Nightwing’s Nineties Revival

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nightwing-046-2000-digital-empire-001Tomorrow’s Direct Currents magazine from DC Comics is keen to let you in on the make-up of upcoming issues of Nightwing, returning to his nineties home of Blüdhaven – and filling its streets with bad guys from the nineties. Many of whom you may well have forgotten – if hyou ever kn ew them at all.

They include:

Pro footballer-turned-thug, Stallion. First appearance: Nightwing Vol 2 #14, died Infinite Crisis #4.

Stunt motorcycler, ThrillDevil. First appearance: Nightwing Vol 2 #46

Computer hacker with pet squirrel, Giz. First appearance: Catwoman #28

Human-whale hybrid, Orca. First appearance: Batman #579 (shock horror – in the year 2000…)

Catch up with the rest of our coverage of Direct Currents here.

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