Archie Co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit Trademarks “Comics Extravaganza”

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This year, estranged-but-still-co-CEO of Archie Comics Nancy Silberkleit held a “Comics Extravaganza” event in a tent on the grounds of her own home in East Hampton.

buyingm-1470857873-4947She has now registered a trademark for “Comics Extravaganza” for “educational and entertainment services in the nature of organizing and conducting entertainment shows and exhibitions in the fields of animation, comic books and popular culture.”


It’s undeniable that Silberkleit has had a strained relationship with Archie Comics, but she seems committed to extending the role of the medium – and Archie –  in a wider community and for social reasons.


And living in East Hampton, the show was an attempt to create a grass-root event to do just that. Intended to test the idea, it seems the “pop up” convention may be popping up again. Maybe at her home? Maybe elsewhere? Have tent, will travel…


Nancy tells Bleeding Cool, just back from India (the second time in a few months) after delivering her second TED talk, 

The point behind this start up event was to bring awareness to Graphic Literacy and how it can place a person on the path to discover a love for reading! As I said my nose was buried in academic books that were resource for me to use in teaching. It was not until 54 years of age, stepping into my husbands footsteps that forced me to pick up a comic book an Archie comic book that promoted, compelled me to devote time for reading as enjoyment, entertainment and of course diversion from many things !


The other part behind the event is how can we (society) tackle topics that are difficult to discuss, how do we engage one in conversation, thought on Bullying, obesity, gun violence and so much more. My heart is deep with wanting to find ways to highlight such topics ! It was folks like Stan Goldberg, Dan Parent and all pencilers who know how to take that pencil to the paper to add an intense meaning to words ! It taught me Graphic literacy can succeed in achieving a deep communication verbally or internal that can make it easier for someone to get information being offered/taught in those panels, on a personal level.


With Cyber Bullying , I am very concerned about suicide , there is a rise among our young people , the click of a button can destroy ones reputation. Stan Goldberg’s penciling of Rise Above can teach the bystander to click responsibly and think twice before taking another human being down.
Richard that will be the voice that will be shared at my Comic Extravaganza events.

I will be hosting another Comic Extravaganza during the summer, the date has not yet been set.



Watch out, Summer 2017. But Nancy also wanted to highlight a comic that debuted at her first show, Adventures From My World.

This is a Millburn High School student Julie Averbach wrote her first comic, “Special,” she had no clue how much it would ultimately grow. Today, “Special”– which was at first written as an English project– is a now part of something much bigger. She has received awards…

Julie’s completed comic book, “Adventures from my World”, is made up of 5 short stories, each of different everyday scenarios involving special needs children and their siblings. Each story explores different situations which forces the reader think about both the positive and negative aspects of having a sibling with special needs. Julie, who was inspired by her work with the friendship circle, explores situations ranging from school struggles to sports teams to birthday parties.



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