Who Could Be Part Of Warren Ellis’s Wild Storm?

unnamed-25Who will be joining Warren Ellis in his Gerard Way-alike The Wild Storm project for DC Comics for 2017. I got emailed the following from someone claiming to be Jakita Wagner. I may have given it more attention because of the name.

Following the success of Young Animal, DC is now pushing the Wildstorm imprint to launch with more books after Ellis’ titular series comes out. DC is looking to have titles written by Jonathan Hickman, Ales Kot, Jody Houser, and Matthew Rosenberg. All have been in Burbank recently to finalize the plans.

I asked a very well-connected person at DC Comics who tells me

two of those are never going to happen.

So there you go. Though Jonathan Hickman and Warren Ellis have been quite close of late it seems.

Who do you think Warren Ellis would choose for “his Young Animal”?

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