Gritty Live-Action Winnie The Pooh Film Coming From World War Z Director

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Disney’s live-action Winnie The Pooh movie has finally found a director! Allegedly!

According to a report from Deadline, Marc Forster has been tapped to direct Christopher Robin, a film about the Pooh character who “has grown out of the joyful imagination he had as a child.” Forster brings chops from horror and action films he’s directed in the past, including World War Z and Quantum of Solace, to the production.


I say allegedly because the last time I reported something from Deadline, it turned out to be untrue, or at least, partially untrue, earning me a reprimand from Bleeding Cool Editor-In-Chief Rich Johnston and a bare bottom spanking from Dan Wickline. I don’t want that to happen again. Well, maybe a little bit.

According to Deadline, who I will remind you, could apparently just be making all of this up, Christopher Robin will not be considered part of regular Winnie The Pooh continuity, even though it uses characters from the Winnie The Pooh stories.

The only remaining question is whether the film will receive an R-rating and feature full frontal nudity.



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