Bonfire Night. And My AirBNB At Thought Bubble Just Burned Down.

Bonfire Night. And My AirBNB At Thought Bubble Just Burned Down.

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Keen Bleeding Cool readers will know of my travails during New York Comic Con, where I found that my AirBNB consisted of a mattress on the floor of a kitchen in Hell’s Kitchen. A status that was cleverly avoided in all the photos of said dwelling.

My AirBNB in Leeds was, instead, a single double room with views of the river, en-suite bathroom and a balcony in a modern, well-to-do penthouse flat and, for the first night, one I dwelt in alone. At less than a third the price of the nearby Jury’s Inn.

I know this because I am currently in the Jury’s Inn. Because, when arriving at the flat after today’s very successful Thought Bubble, I discovered that the flat my apartment was in had burned down. Or at least some of it had. The fire engines were out en masse. It missed the flat I was in, but no one was being allowed in. A fireman went in to get (some) of my stuff. And the owner of the flat I was staying in has now put me up in the Jury’s Inn, and will get the money back on insurance.

It never rains, but it pours. Except not today, or maybe the fire wouldn’t have spread so easily. The word from the firemen is that certain fire detectors in the flat didn’t register the flames or the smoke. It’s a useful reminder, have you checked your detector recently?

What with it being Bonfire Night here, I’d have thought the firemen would have been busy enough as it was.

So anyway. Off to the Thought Bubble party. I have my CPAP machine, laptop, and the like. The firemen even grabbed my preview copy of Heretics from last night. They are a bit smoky. I hope they don’t think I’m smoking in here…

Oh balls, I don’t have my party tickets, they are back in the burnt out shell of an apartment block. I hope they let me in.

Next AirBNB I book for a show, I am expecting a plague of locusts.

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