The Zombies Are Back Doing What Zombies Do Best In Today's Walking Dead

The Zombies Are Back Doing What Zombies Do Best In Today’s Walking Dead

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There are some people who get annoyed by The Walking Dead. Who say that it’s hardly a zombie comic, the zombies are hardly in it and they certainly don’t do what zombies are meant to do. Also it’s in black and white so where’s all the gore.

I’ve always found it a silly critique, and the usual riposte is that The Walking Dead describes the cast of characters, not the zombies. But there are those who still feel otherwise.

Well, zombie lovers, this week’s The Walking Dead #160 is for you as The Whisperer War is fully engaged and the zombies are weaponised to do… well… this.image-30Nom nom nom. As for the gore, that’s what your red crayons are for.


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