Are You A Fan Of Thor-With-A-Penis? This Is Your Chance

Are You A Fan Of Thor-With-A-Penis? This Is Your Chance

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Over two years ago, Thor lost his worthiness. A few unknown words were spoken by Old Man Nick Fury in the Original Sin series written by Jason Aaron.


And Thor lost his hammer.


It was then picked up by an unknown woman – later revealed to be Jane Foster – who took on the role of the god of thunder and the comic was relaunched with her in the lead, as The Mighty Thor. It was a sales – and publicity – success. But it still rankles for some, who sees the comic as all that is wrong with the SJW-Tumblr-Kotaku axis of reasonableness.


Well, today, everyone who hates the new Jane Foster Thor get their chance to vote with their wallets. And Bleeding Cool-favourite retailer Dennis Barger is playing that up for all it’s worth.

Because today sees the publication of The Unworthy Thor. With Odinson meeting the now-transformed Nick Fury, The Unseen. So well known, because he hasn’t been seen since the end of Original Sin and frankly I’d thought everyone had forgotten about him.


UPDATE: Okay, not quite everyone.

And writer Jason Aaron, for a second, forgets that he’s not writing his ongoing Star Wars series, as he mixes up mysterious figures in hoods. But this “another” isn’t Princess Leia…
image-39 And now he’s doing Edgar Allan Poe! Get it together Jason… anyway, it’s time for The Unseen to go all Basil Exposition on us.

image-40 Okay, so that’s Secret Wars done with as well. Lots of secrets told… apart from what the hell those words Nick Fury spoke to Thor were to make him so unworthy, were. It’s only been two and a half, years, you can just keep waiting.

The Unworthy Thor is published today.



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