They Are Champions At Kissing... ( Squee SPOILERS)

They Are Champions At Kissing… ( Squee SPOILERS)

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So yes, as promised, in today’s Champions #2, two of the characters express amorous intent towards each other with the joining of the lips.


No, no, not Viv and Nova, clearly not. Come on, be serious.

tumblr_inline_ofxgqpjbxs1r54my5_540 There we go. Amadeus Cho in his Hulk form and Viv Vision.

Not sure how everyone will react. I mean, she’s definitely underage. Less than a year old, right? Still, he is the eighth smartest person on the planet, albeit a tad reactionary.


Just in case you were wondering which side won the Civil War…

Champions #2 by Mark Waid and Humberto Ramos is published today.


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