What Phonogram Book One Looks Like In Living Colour…

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Has he gone? I do hope so.

Kieron Gillen has an e-mail newsletter. It really is the thing.

On it, he very graciously credited me with scooping everyone on the existence of the Complete Phonogram Hardcover, by saying that I “noticed it was in a catalogue.” Which I did.

He then decided to show off exactly what the newly coloured first volume Phonogram: Rue Britannia , originally published in black and white, would look like.

By starting out with a black and white page.

unnamed-1 unnamed-2 unnamed-3 unnamed-4 unnamed-5Of course, all I can hear is Jamie McKelvie screaming about how his old linework is awful and why won’t Kieron let him redraw the entire book, it would only take another five years…


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