Marvel To Republish Night Raven, From David Lloyd, John Bolton, Steve Parkhouse And Alan Moore

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nightraven_01In the late seventies, Dez Skinn came to Marvel and in 1979 published the Hulk Weekly comic. That first issue included reprint of US Marvel material, but also originally commissioned work. It would become the model for Warrior Magazine years later. That first issue featured the first professionally published work of Steve Dillon, but also a new 1920’s set- pulp action hero, Night Raven, created by Dez Skinn, Richard Burton and David Lloyd.

Creators such as John Bolton, Steve Parkhouse, Jamie Delano and Alan Moore would also cut their teeth of the character over the years, and it was also seen as a precursor to V For Vendetta. There was also an attempted reboot at Marvel US called Nocturne.

In 1990, Marvel UK published a 64 page collection of some of these stories.

But next year, Marvel US is going one better with a 280 page collection.

Night Raven: From the Marvel UK Vaults Paperback – April 4, 2017 $34.99
by Alan Moore (Author), Steve Parkhouse (Author), David Lloyd (Illustrator), John Bolton (Illustrator)

We don’t know what’s in it… but at that page count, would it be safe to say “everything”?

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