Natasha Irons And Traci 13, A New Same-Sex Couple For DC Rebirth

This is the cover to Superwoman #1, the bait-and-switch title from DC Comics’ Rebirth promotion.superwoman-1-spoilers-dc-comics-rebirth-1

The new Superwoman comic by Phil Jimenez, has both Natasha Irons, daughter of Steel, and Traci Thirteen on the cover of the first issue.

We’ve met Natasha in the series, in her human and superhero forms…


We haven’t met Traci yet in the series. Although, with Natasha talking about not being to find her, we meet Leti. Who, as Natasha says, had a “thing” with Natasha.


In a Graphic Policy‘s hour-and-a-three-quarters long discussion embedded below, about Wonder Woman, Superwoman and other comic book work, Phil Jiminez talked about how, for DC Rebirth, he was originally going to be working on Superman with Bryan Hitch, which didn’t work out, he was then working on Action Comics, when it was decided he would be writing the Superwoman character for that comic. And then talked about finding out on Bleeding Cool that Superwoman would be getting her own book and he’s be doing it. Happy to help, Phil…

He also talks about how the New 52 emotionally unattached him from DC Comics, but Rebirth reconnected with him, about how non-native artists tend to draw more homogenous crowds for America rather than reflect ethnic diversity – also stating that crowd shots in comics set in the UK seem to miss out those of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladesh origin. And how editors at DC right now are bleeding from the eyes as creators are creating so close to deadline. And how in the past he has been wary of working for DC because they couldn’t be relied upon, editorially, but now things are very different. For now.

But in passing he also talks about “Traci 13 – who is Natasha’s girlfriend” in passing.


You’ll find it 1:21 minutes in below.

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