For Fans Of Conan, Heavy Metal And God Of War – Here Comes KHAAL! From Titan Comics

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Courtesy of Titan Comics PR….




Khaal is a brand-new, violent space opera of warring clans, gladiatorial arenas and political intrigue. And being marketed to fans of Thor, Heavy Metal, Conan the Barbarian, and the video game God of War.
From Stephane Louis and Valentin Sécher, out on January 11, 2017



In a galaxy decimated by a brutal war, an ancient prison ship, called Empyreon, floats alone in the void.
Within its ancient walls a new battle rages, as the three races who inhabit the doomed ship vie for the resources that will ensure their survival. Peace is an impossibility as Khaal, the leader of the humans, is as bloodthirsty and ruthless as they come. As his enemies gather in the shadows, Khaal is thrust into the limelight as he fights for his life…
Cover A – Valentin Secher


Cover B – Marc Laming


Cover C – Nick Percival


Cover D – Adam Gorham


Cover E – Steve Kurth

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