Britain Has Batman Protecting Kids From Killer Clowns With The Message “Clowns Are Good”

Posted by October 13, 2016 Comment

14680549_1149443288483731_2069097684863136943_nSometimes I hate this country. Sometimes I love it. Today I have mixed emotions.

I hate that Britain has somehow been infected with this killer clown craze. We had our own clown craze a few years ago in Northampton as, it seemed, a clown escaped from an Alan Moore short film Jimmy’s End and was seen in odd places. But he wasn’t menacing. He wasn’t attacking. It was more of a Mike Leigh clown meme.

But the imported killer clown meme from the USA is far more violent, is scaring kids and, frankly, is a poor show all round.

So Britain has imported an American solution for this American problem.

Batman. Who, let’s be fair, has a history of fighting jokers.

Courtesy of Cumbria Superheroes. with the radical message that… clowns are good.

Oh and the Northampton clown? He’s baaaaaaaaaaaack…. 

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