How To Swear In A Marvel Comic Book Today Without Getting Fired?

How To Swear In A Marvel Comic Book Today Without Getting Fired?

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We’ve been looking at how, increasingly, comic books have been turning to British obscenities to get past the moral arbiters over superhero story lines. While the X-Men movies can get away wit the F word and the Marvel Studios can go up to an S-word, that’s beyond the non-mature readers comics that Marvel mostly publishes.

So aside from the bugger, the bollocks and the wanker, what are the All-American solutions for Marvel today?

image-5Today’s Power-Man And Iron Fist has a great get-out clause, using the cos-street language that Luke Cage used in his seventies comic book series, without making a single amend. Except you now know exactly what “fiddle-faddle” means. “Sweet Christmas” is still up for debate.

image-6 Uncanny Avengers used the same word, but hidden with the classic typewriter symbols. This has become more obvious as certain symbols represent vcertain letters, so $ stands in for S, # for H, ! for I, etc. Though not in this case.

image-36Great Lakes Avengers goes for the comedy with words that sound like what they are meant to be but aren’t. Geddit?
image-37While Solo #1 launches with some official secrets act modification. This can be the trickiest, when All-Star Batman tried this, using a different black ink on top of the original letters saw them still visible – and got editor Bob Shreck fired.

So be careful out there…

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