Misty Knight Will Wield The Captain America Shield – But Only Briefly

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capa2015016_covBy Hugh Sheridan reporting from the True Believers panel at New York Comic Con…

Dan Slott, Robbie Thompson, Nick Spencer and Peter David were panelists on Marvels True Believers panel today. This panel was supposed to be for Marvel Unlimited Digital subscribers only (though there seemed to be no problem with anyone getting in) and they promised exclusive first looks at upcoming art as well as some video presentations.

img_3476  Nick Spencer talked about his Sam Wilson Captain America book and its upcoming Take Back The Shield arc as pressure builds on Wilson to give up the Cap role that that Steve Rogers is also back in costume. Misty Knight will also be “wielding the Shield” briefly in an upcoming story.


He also talked about the Steve Rogers title – we will find out soon that “Steve was behind a lot of the bad things in Civil War 2”. #7 starts a new arc titled “Hail Hydra”.

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