The New WildStorm Will Continue As Long As Warren Ellis Wants It To… But No Sign Of Milestone Yet

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EXCLUSIVE: DC To Revive WildStorm Imprint, Curated By Warren EllisDerek Trum reported from the DC Meet The Publishers panel.

Some people wondered hoe the new Wild Storm books will interact with the current Midnight And Apollo comic and the DC Universe as a whole.

Easily answered. They won’t be.

The new New Wildstorm books will exist in their own universe and will not crossover with current DC Rebirth Midnighter and Apollo.

And as to its longevity? The new imprint will continue – as long as Warren Ellis remains involved.

The crowd wass also told that the Milestone 2.0 universe is still in the works. But to expect no news until next year.

And for those asking about Shazam, he is a bit of off the table for DC Rebirth right now. Shazam does serve as a part of the Rebirth story just not right away.

He is missing by design..

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