The Women And Men Of Bleeding Cool At New York Comic Con 2016

The Women And Men Of Bleeding Cool At New York Comic Con 2016

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As you read this, Bleeding Coolers are readying themselves to head out to New York, USA for the New York Comic Con. But who from Bleeding Cool is on site this year? Who should you thrust review copies at? And who should you hide the splatterprint swipes you are selling from??

bleedRich Johnston is Head Writer of Bleeding Cool, and has been reporting on comics online for 24 years this year, longer than anyone else in the world. He has been known to write the odd comic book as well, and has also found himself Britain’s most read political cartoonist. You can find him on one Bleeding Cool panel in the middle of Saturday and roaming the floors. If you see him, say hi. Find him on @richjohnston and

img_3443Known for her dedication to covering all things Fuller House, Gail Simone, and Once Upon a Time,  staff writer Christine Marie Attardo is looking forward to her third New York Comic Con with Bleeding Cool. Armed with her MacBook and thousands of cups of coffee, Christine plans on covering lots of exciting events, and hopes to have a conversation with David Petersen about The Mouse Guard movie. If you see Christine amongst the crowds be sure to say hello and chat with her about creative things. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram @AWritersWay.

img_20150920_103638Ale Bodden is a freelance artist and aspiring writer still waiting for her Hogwarts acceptance letter to arrive. In the meantime she likes to explore the Geekverse on her golden unicorn with a good book in hand by day, fight evil by moonlight, and watch anime on weekends. Her natural habitat is Artist Alley, where you can find her roaming and breathing in the beautiful art.

Dan Celko is Senior Operations Manager for Bleeding Cool at NYCC. Over the years he has collected a multitude of job descriptions under his belt resulting in a self-proclaimed jack-of- all-trades status. However he has come to NYCC once again with Bleeding Cool to do the two things he loves most: Playing video games and writing about said video games. You can expect Dan to be giving you as much gaming coverage as he can muster at NYCC and to tell you what he thinks about them. Feel free to talk all things nerdy and gaming with him on Twitter @RadicalDann

Adi Tantimedh has written radio plays and television scripts for the BBC and screenplays for various Hollywood companies, as well as graphic novels for DC Comics, Moonstone Books and Big Head Press on top of his weekly column “Look! It Moves!”, about pop culture for Bleeding Cool. He adds “novelist” to his list of jobs as “Her Nightly Embrace”, the first of his new private detective trilogy is published this year.

image1Frazer Brown is an award-winning Filmmaker, Investor and Theatrical Producer. He has been an International Correspondent for Bleeding Cool since 2012, Covering Cons globally. Frazer is in town this week conducting Interviews, Covering Media Launches and Photographing anything that moves. He also has two shows on Broadway right now so feel free to catch those. This is Frazer’s 5th year covering cons for Bleeding Cool but his first NYCC. You can follow him on Twitter @frazerbrown and Instagram @frazerbrownofficial.

BIMG_5059rian Goldberg is the Senior Toys and Collectibles Correspondent for Bleeding Cool, writing about all things geek in the world of collectibles and merchandise.He’s frequently to be found prying into exclusive mysteries at conventions. If you would like to speak Geek with Brian, please email him at

Apart from a brief emergence from retirement to contribute 2014 NYC coverage for Bleeding Cool, John Odum has been largely out of the writing business since the heady days of political coverage and analysis for The Guardian’s “Content is Free” website, the Huffington Post, and numerous regional media sources (such as Vermont’s Green Mountain Daily, which he founded). Despite having his work noted in publications such as The Nation, The New York Times, and having his 2008 election coverage included in the Library of Congress, John couldn’t afford to eat (more often than not, the content was, in fact, free), so he gave it all up and now serves as City Clerk of Vermont’s capital, Montpelier.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHugh Sheridan is a longtime comic fan who is covering his first NYCC for Bleeding Cool, having previously covered the San Diego Comic Con for the site earlier this year. Hugh will be covering loads of comics panels, interviewing some creators and snapping cosplay pics for the site. He is definitely not the same Hugh Sheridan who was accused of throwing-up on the 46a Bus in 2013. Anyway the woman who made that allegation is a dirty liar and everyone knows it.

picsart_05-11-12-57-32_perfectlyclearRay Flook has been a contributing writer/event reporter for Bleeding Cool and Bleeding Cool Magazine since 2013. He counts David Addison (Moonlighting), FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks) and Brent (Brick) as his spirit animals; and hopes his writing helps others to never look at being &weird& or &different& as a bad thing and to always let their &geek flag& fly.  You can follow him on Twitter (@oldmangeek88) and Instagram (oldmangeek); and he will begin work on the Big Bad Geek podcast in late 2016/early 2017.

IMG_20151004_195806 (1)By day Derek Trum serves the public as a mild mannered manager for an office supply store. On the weekends he transforms to an unmasked crusader of comic book culture. His mission is to avenge the death of his parents…wait no that’s Batman. His mission is to help spread his love for comics to the masses. Over the last couple years he has found an ally in Bleeding Cool to help in his crusade. For the past ten years Derek has been attending comic book conventions around the New England area. This will be the third year that Derek will attend NYCC for Bleeding Cool. Raised in a house where Kirby was King, and Stan was the Man, Derek serves to expose the uninitiated to the industry he loves. Also just to be clear his parents were not killed nor does he have any proper training to be Batman.

20160804_190747He’s a bona fide Whovian and aficionado of more geeky things than he can count! Octavio Karbank is an avid collector of comic books, but also a freelance writer with a passion for interviewing creators, composing reviews, and working on his own literary projects! While at New York Comic Con for the umpteenth time in a row, he’ll be teleporting around like Nightcrawler on too much sugar, heading from panel-to- panel and interview-to- interview! You can check his comings and goings at NYCC this year over at his Twitter page: He hopes you all have a good Comic Con!

Matt Farnham is on his rookie outing for Bleeding Cool but has spent the last 5 years as a leading writer and podcaster of British American sports for BASN also covering theatre and film reviews (The Reviews Hub) in his resident Edinburgh all whilst completing his Masters in Journalism.

Chuck Brfb_img_1471295634405ouillette is an Artist & Writer (see the previous issue of The Women & Men Of Bleeding Cool #NYCC2015) who approached 2016 a bit indifferent in regards to what the new year would behold for him, and then almost immediately as 2015 came to a close he came across & acquired a serviceably-designed Metal Men PVC set he had passed on 10 years previously. He surprised himself with how much inspiration it offered anew and readied his responsometer for the new year. And recharged it 2 months later on a friday night in late March when current DC Comics’ President, Geoff Johns, posted Brouillette’s DCU Rebirth Comic MashUp cover art to announce the DC Comics Rebirth debut panel Johns was presenting the next morning. Chuck Brouillette is like a great cosmic hand that writes and creates art.

New York Comic Con 2016 will be the first major convention Jason Borelli has covered since 2009. He would have paid for full NYCC admission, but he didn’t want to get shut out of a show that close to his home borough of Staten Island. Occasionally, he works as a feature writer. You can check out his Closet Optimist blog here.

Other attendees include Mike Sangregorio, Jemal Flores, Adam Wolfe, Paul Gullas, Madeline Ricchiuto , Christine Stephan, Sofia Annunziata, Alejandra Bodden, , Dimitrios Haritos, Joe Glass, Danielle Mick, Amanda Gurall, Richard Epstein and Endymion Mageto.

And then of course there’s you. Whether you are attending the show, or watching from home, if you see something cool or noteworthy go down, get in touch. I’m on And maybe next year you could be going to the show for Bleeding Cool yourself…

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