Black #1 Sells Out of Its 22,000 Print Run Ahead Of Going On Sale This Wednesday

Black #1 Sells Out of Its 22,000 Print Run Ahead Of Going On Sale This Wednesday

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BLACK #1 comes out Wednesday from Black Mask.

But it has already sold out its 22,000 print run through Diamond Comic Distributors.

So if a retailer doesn’t have copies come Wednesdays, they may have to wait a little while for a second print…

Here’s a look we ran at the digital edition supplied to Kickstarter backers.

unnamedBlack is the new superhero comic by Kwanza Osajyefo and Jamal Igle coming from Black Mask Press that envisions a world in which only black people have superpowers

There’s a pseudo-scientific explanation for all of this that will no doubt be considered bunkum at some point, when we find out the real reason that all this is going on.

And it’s not even all  black people but a small percentage.

And most of them may not even know. For the audience’s entry-level character, Kareem, is one who had no idea, until he was shot down by police by his friends in a case of mistaken identity.

Screenshot (3)Though as you can see, while #BlackLivesMatter it’s also #NotAllPolice.

Screenshot (4)So yes, waking up after that might come as a bit of a surprise. Here comes the science bit.

Screenshot (190)I’m none the wiser. We’re probably not meant to be.

Screenshot (6)

Might as well be Grant Morrison’s and Steve Yeowell’s extradimensional beings creating a super-reality from which all life is controlled, subdued and manipulated, which we interpret in certain pacifying ways until you can break free, do a deal with reality and get cheat codes to change it. Jumping from location to location like walking through a portal. Oh and then getting thrown of a building. You remember The Invisibles don’t you?


And yes, this was totally and utterly ripped off by the Matrix.

Well, now it’s time for Black to have a go…

Screenshot (5)As always, it’s what happens next that matters. Issue 1 will be in stores on September 28th. Kickstarter donors have received their digital copies this week.

UPDATE: Turns out Kwanza has never even read The Invisibles… though obviously the Wachowskis did.


…why yes we can.

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