Valiant’s Britannia #1 Wants Desperately To Be On HBO

Valiant’s Britannia #1 Wants Desperately To Be On HBO

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Valiant has never shied away from inserting mature elements into superhero comics – series like Jeff Lemire’s Bloodshot Reborn and Joshua Dysart’s Harbinger being prime examples.

But today, Valiant publishes their most visceral, violent, and provocative series yet in Brittania #1, the first issue of the new prestige-format series written by British writer Peter Milligan with art by Black Summer‘s Juan Jose Ryp and an additional introductory scene by Raul Allen.

Following the exploits of Antonius Axia, civilization’s first detective, during the height of the Roman empire, the series is a blood-stained detective thriller that looks like it wants to be  on HBO or Showtime.


But bloody swords and sandals alone, this is not. Britannia is also quite unnerving in its psychological feints and tricks, giving Valiant a more intensely cerebral story….


Hey, if Vertigo doesn;t want to be Vertigo anymore, maybe Valiant could be?

Britannia #1 is on sale today from Valiant Entertainment.

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