Aftershock To Launch Exclusive Sequel To Adam Glass’s Rough Riders For Local Comic Shop Day 2016 – Rough Riders Nation (ART UPDATE)

STL029091Most publishers create exclusive variant covers for Local Comic Shop Day.

Not AfterShock. They’re creating an exclusive comic book. Rough Riders Nation #1 by Adam Glass and various creators, with series artist Pat Oliffe doing the cover.

Unlike many of the other titles, it isn’t limited in order. And is a brand new original comic, and a sequel to the previous Rough Riders series from the publisher, the final issue of which is published two weeks before Local Comic Shop Day, on November 9th.


(W) Adam Glass (A) Varias (CA) Pat Oliffe
From Aftershock Comics. Executive Order 13526, issued on December 29, 2009, intended to increase government transparency and regain trust with U.S. Citizens. It led, in turn, to the creation of the National Declassification Center, a sub-section of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Suddenly, thousands of top-secret files were declassified and made available to the public. One such file confirmed the validity of a long-thought tale that Theodore Roosevelt had created a momentous team of the greatest citizens of his time-which he named the “ROUGH RIDERS”-to fight for America in its darkest hour. Not only was the tale true, but the dossier also exposed that the Rough Riders did not end with Roosevelt but rather were continued throughout history by his daughter Alice, who, like her father, called upon America’s greatest to band together in its most desperate time of need. If you choose to accept, take a look inside this file and see those who have had the honor to be called a ROUGH RIDER. If you decline, these confidential files will self-destruct.

Created and written by Adam Glass (executive producer of SUPERNATURAL & writer of SUICIDE SQUAD) with cover by Pat Olliffe (UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN).

Local Comic Shop Day is a promotion run by Comics PRO, in which participating dealers who pay a fee get the rights to sell exclusive variant items of a number of comics and toys from a variety of publishers. This year they timed to go on sale on Saturday, November 19th, the weekend before Small Business Saturday.

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